Trekking in the Caucasus mountains of Russia.

Lago-Naki to Sochi Trek.

> Meet different Russian cultures during your visit, 2 different regions, 2 resorts, Mountains and Seaside.

> Discover the beauty of nature exploring canyons, caves and waterfalls.

> Trek through the Mountains of the Kavkazskii National Park.

> Relax in the warm waters of the Black Sea. Overview:


The standard tour last for 13 days and runs through the picturesque mountain massif called “Fisht-Oshten”, after the two main mountain peaks – Fisht (2854m) and Oshten (2804m). This mountain massive is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, unique caves, huge canons, bold cliffs and monuments of the bronze age – “dolmens”. The tour includes 3 nights in hotels and 8/9 days trekking staying in huts or tents. Your holiday starts and finishes in the Black Sea holiday resort of Sochi, the site of the forthcoming winter Olympics, where you will have time for site seeing and relaxation before and after your trek. You will be carrying an expedition rucksack containing your personal equipment and a share of the group equipment. Food will be sourced locally as you trek along the route. The trek is fully supported and lead by qualified Russian and British trekking guides. Trek grade: Moderate.

Participants should have a good level of basic fitness, for example be capable of 2 consecutive days of mountain walking in the Lake District, without feeling any ill effects. There is no technical climbing on the trek, but some scrambling may be encountered. For those wishing to tackle Peak Fisht, some experience of walking on snow and ice would be useful.

Available Dates for 2013:  17/06 to 29/06. Ran successfully,  Due To Resume after 2015: Due to construction activities winter Olympics and now the political situation in the Ukraine there has been some issues with access to the mountains from the Sochi side as well as obtaining adequate insurance cover. At this time it is still unclear whether these issues will be resolved by the spring. Due to this uncertainty I have therefore decided to suspend this trek for 2014/15.  Sorry to those of you who were thinking of joining the trip in the coming year, don’t worry the mountains will still be there for a while yet. Price as per brochure: £850.00 per person. Optional extras:

1) Extend your stay in Sochi after the trek, with day excursions and activities.

2) Stay an extra night in Moscow with visits to Red Square and the Kremlin.

Please contact us by mail at for more information about flexible options for your holiday.

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Or click on the brochure  below to see full Trek details and itinerary (pdf). Russian trek detail Trek booking conditions


Trekking in the Caucasus mountains of Russia.

Lago-Naki to Sochi Trek.

– Вы познакомитесь с двумя различными регионами, побывав с обеих сторон Главного Кавказского хребта, посетив сразу и горы и море.

– Сможете насладиться красотой дикой природы – лесов, каньонов, пещер и водопадов.

– Пройдете по заповедным лесам Кавказского Государственного Биосферного заповедника.

– Насладитесь отдыхом на Черноморском курорте, в городе Сочи, где будет проходить Зимняя Олимпиада 2014 года.

– На протяжении всего похода Вы будете иметь возможность общаться на английском языке с нашим английским гидом – Марком Райли.

Описание маршрута.

Маршрут пролегает по живописным местам Кавказского Биосферного заповедника, через Фишт-оштеновское нагорье. Самые высокие вершины в этом районе – Фишт (2854) и Оштен (2804). Данный район известен своими пещерами, водопадами, каньонами и прекрасными видами)

Программа тура

Участникам похода необходимо быть в хорошей физической форме, чтобы он прошёл в удовольствие, без перенапряжений. Сложных технических препятствий на маршруте нет. Заезды в 2011 году по субботам. Открыто бронирование на 2011 год.


Полный пансион – 27650руб. Эконом класс (без гостиниц, размещение в полевых условиях) – 19 500 руб. По любым вопросам, связанных с данным туром, пишите на


Click on the brochure  below to see full Trek details and itinerary (pdf). Russian trek detail Trek booking conditions

Поход через плато Лаго-Наки к Чёрному морю + общение на английском языке


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Hello, everyone! I live in Moscow but come from Stavropol - Southern part of Russia, just some 200 km from Lago-Naki. Inna (the Russian guide) is one of my close friends, but I had never gone on a trek before this past summer, when they did their first so-called mixed Russian-English trek with Mark. This was the first trek in my life and I loved it from the beginning till the end - the views, the air, the nature...
We walked in total fog once and that was cool!:) Saw unique lakes, made a banya on a mountain river bank and swam in the river after having a nice banya. Met so many new people when staying in one of the camps. CLIMBED OSHTEN! - that's my highest mount so far:) and i loved it!
I also liked that there was a great chance to speak English and that's a great chance for People from both cultures to know each other better.
Speaking of difficulties - I was not getting ready for the trek physicically and the first day was a bit of getting used to the rucksack, walking with it etc, but then everything was just great.
One more thing - Mark is a very reliable guide, so you'll feel safe with him, which is important when you are in the mountains! So if you haven't been to our mountains, do go there!